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YearRelease Type
Panzerfaust / Hellvetic Frost - Triumphzug2007Vinyl
Pagan FrontPagan Front - Hammer of the Blackmetal Underground2005Shirt
Pagan FrontPagan Front - Winter Gathering 20062006Shirt
Pagan HammerPagan Hammer - Pagan Wolves / Foresight2008Tape
Pagan HellfirePagan Hellfire - A Voice from Centuries Away2008Vinyl
Pagan HellfirePagan Hellfire - In Desolation, In Ruins2008Vinyl
Pagan HellfirePagan Hellfire - Solidarity2011Vinyl
Pagan HellfirePagan Hellfire - Spirit of Blood and Stuggle2010Vinyl
Pagan HellfirePagan Hellfire - The Will of NightVinyl
Pagan RitesPagan Rites - Bloodlust And DevastationVinyl
Pagan RitesPagan Rites - Dancing SoulsVinyl
Pagan RitesPagan Rites - Flames of the Third AntichristVinyl
Pagan RitesPagan Rites - Hail Victory!Vinyl
Pagan RitesPagan Rites - Mark Of The DevilVinyl
Pagan RitesPagan Rites - Mark of the devil2003Vinyl
Pagan RitesPagan Rites - Pagan Metal2006Vinyl
Pagan RitesPagan Rites - Sodomy in Heaven1993Vinyl
Pagan Rites / Evil WrathPagan Rites / Evil Wrath - The First Born - In the Name of Darkness / Anti-Life2008Vinyl
PaganfirePaganfire - Hate Vanishing Point2008Vinyl
Paganfire / Corupt InsanityPaganfire / Corupt Insanity - Promo SplitTape
Paganfire / IntermentPaganfire / Interment - The Oath of Termination2008Tape
Paganus DoctrinaPaganus Doctrina - Natural Inbio De Paganismo1995Tape
Palace of WormsPalace of Worms - Lifting the Veil2010Tape
Pan.Thy.MoniumPan.Thy.Monium - .....Dawn / Dream II2010Vinyl
Pan.thy.moniumPan.thy.monium - Dawn of DreamsVinyl
PandemonicPandemonic - Lycanthropy1999Tape
PantheonPantheon - Ergriffenheit2001Vinyl
PantheonPantheon - PantheonVinyl
PantheonPantheon - Pantheon (box set)Vinyl
PanzerchristPanzerchrist - Forever PanzerVinyl
Panzerfaust / ArmatusPanzerfaust / Armatus - Freiheit Für KriegVinyl
PanzerfrostPanzerfrost - Denial of the Mankind2003Tape
ParabellumParabellum - Sacrilegio (2nd press)Vinyl
ParacoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosisParacoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis - Satyriasis And Nymphomania2003Tape
Parade of Souls Parade of Souls - Empyreum 1993Vinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - Draconian TimesVinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - Forever FailureVinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - GothicVinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - Gothic1991Vinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - In DubVinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - LiveVinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - Lost ParadiseVinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - Lost Paradise (Picture Disc)Vinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - Reek Of DeathVinyl
Paradise LostParadise Lost - The Last TimeVinyl
Paragon ImpureParagon Impure - In Commemoration Of Ish KeriothVinyl
Paragon ImpureParagon Impure - Key To The Void/Where The Laughter Of Angels Is InaudibleVinyl
Paragon ImpureParagon Impure - To Gaius! (For the Delivery of Agrippina)Vinyl
Paragon ImpureParagon Impure - Untitled (EP Compilation)2005Tape